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Eco-Friendly Diapers and Wipes

Your Source for  Environmentally Friendly Baby Products

Your Source for Environmentally Friendly Baby Products

Eco Boom Series offers a wide variety of natural diapers and wipes that are perfect for your baby’s soft skin. We make sure that all of our products are safe, sustainable, and high-quality.

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See What Our V.I.Parents Are Saying

See What Our V.I.Parents Are Saying

Fantastic Biodegradable Diaper - October 7, 2019

“We have been using these diapers on our daughter since about 6 months and she is almost a year old now. I can say with confidence that these have been the best disposable diapers for her. Before I was cloth diapering at home and using disposables for when we were out and at daycare. We used Bamboo naturals for a while and they are worthless. They leak and cannot contain the poop. My daycare lady could not wait till we were done with those. When we switched to Eco Boom she said my daughter's diapers were the best diapers she has ever worked with (she sees all sorts of diapers). They are super soft, absorbent, and hold the poop in! We had one blowout and it was when my daughter was sick with diarrhea for a week. I have tried Pampers, Huggies, Honest, Target, and 7th generation. None of those compare to the quality of Eco Boom and to top it all off Eco Boom is BIODEGRADABLE PEOPLE!! This is the 21st century all diapers should be biodegradable. I am so happy Eco Boom has created such a great diaper!”

No more blowouts - April 4, 2019

“We started using these because we felt bad for the landfill problem related to the use of the regular disposable diapers, but did not have the guts to switch to cloth diapers... These diapers are the best! They are more environmentally friendly than cloth diapers because we don't have to wash them, and in fact, ever since I started using them, the amount of laundry has substantially reduced given that there are no more blowouts!! So, now not only I save the planet I also save time”

Amazing Diapers! - December 27, 2018

“These diapers are seriously great! Super absorbent! I can put my son in one at midnight and he is stain dry at 11 am when he wakes up! He is used to cloth diapers so these are super soft and have never bothered his skin. Never experienced rash with these diapers. The wetness indicator goes all the way from front to back! The packaging is also biodegradable. These diapers are environmentally friendly! One of the best biodegradable options on Amazon for the price! Will continue to order these. My son is almost 151bs and they fit Wonderfully!!”

Awesome diaper! Soft and holds in all the pee and poo - February 18, 2019

“When my daughter reached about 7 months old and was still waking frequently to nurse or take a bottle, they stopped lasting overnight, unfortunately. They are still awesome day time diapers and now that she isn't waking as much at a year old, I'm going to try again. I cloth diaper most of the time but I wanted a natural, biodegradable option for other times. These are perfect. I've tried bamboo nature and honest company as well and these are much better and softer. They don't leak, even overnight for a 5 month old. I'm a fan and repeat customer :-)”

LOVE THESE! - February 7, 2019

“I was trying to look for a more eco-friendly alternative for diapers. I am more than happy with these! They are durable, and feel and wear like a Pampers disposable. What I like more than Pampers is the fact that they hold in smell really well when baby has a poop. I have not had ANY blowouts yet on these. I think they are sized a little bigger than your mainstream brands which I like. They also have a yellow strip to indicate pee which is great. I would say the only thing that is a slight downfall is, they don't feel puffy when the diaper is wet like some other brands, so it can be hard to tell if baby is wet until you undress them to check the wet indicator strip.”

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What Makes  Us Special

What Makes Us Special

We believe that our children are an important part of our future. Taking care of them is essential, especially during their infancy. To help make things easier, we have an array of solutions for you.

All of our items are gentle since they’re made of bamboo material and easily decompose. After all, the best gifts we can give to our children are healthier surroundings and a greener planet to call home.

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