About Us

About Us

Choose Gentle and  Natural Products for Your Baby

Choose Gentle and Natural Products for Your Baby

Eco Boom Series is a child-oriented business that cares deeply about the environment. This is the reason why we only offer items that are safe for you and your baby.

About Us

About Us

Our founders started a baby supply company since it can easily be managed wherever they are in the world. Without a physical location, we don’t just save time and energy but reach out to a wide range of customers as well.

Why  Choose Us

Why Choose Us



We understand that you only want what’s best for your baby, so we have produced a line of diapers that are both hygienic and chemical-free. Now, your baby can be comfortable anytime, anywhere.

Plant-Based Protection

Plant-Based Protection

Our diapers and wipes are made from fine bamboo and aloe vera extracts, which are designed to protect your child’s delicate skin. Also, all of our products decompose within 18 months after disposal.

Are Bamboo  Products Safe?

Are Bamboo Products Safe?

Bamboo products are safe for your baby since it is one of the eco-friendly plants in the world. It does not require harmful chemicals such as polypropylene, phthalates, chlorine, polyethylene, or dye to be added. Aside from this, bamboo is 100% biodegradable, antibacterial, and antifungal.

Why Choose an  Organic Bamboo Diaper

Why Choose an Organic Bamboo Diaper

  • Allows Fresh Air to Circulate and Wicks Moisture Away
  • Fabric Is Drier and More Breathable
  • Good for Overnight
  • Has More Elasticity Than Other Fabrics
  • Helps Babies Stay Warm or Cold Due to Insulating Properties
  • More Absorbent Than Cloth Diapers
  • Natural Antimicrobial and Antibacterial.
  • Naturally Hypoallergenic and Good for Sensitive Skin
  • Reduces and Prevents Growth of Odor-Causing Bacteria
  • Soft to Touch but Extremely Strong
  • Stands Up to Heavy Wetting Due to Absorbency
  • Trimmer Fit Due to Fewer Layers of Material
Why Bamboo Products  Help the Environment

Why Bamboo Products Help the Environment

100% Biodegradable

Due to the materials we use, our products produce less waste.

Compostable, Enriches the Soil

With our items, you can use less chemical fertilizers in your soils.

Sustainable, Fastest Growing Plant in the World

We make sure to use eco-friendly methods in our manufacturing process.

Generate About 30 Percent More Oxygen Than Other Crops and Trees

Our items help keep the air more breathable.

Help Reduce of Carbon Dioxide in the Environment

You don’t have to worry about the carbon footprint left by our items.

Natural Organic Fiber

We always ensure to lessen the environmental impact of our products.